Jason Compilation
1. Your Demise – I’m (Not) The One
2. Dead and Divine – Carcinoma
3. Pierce the Veil – Tangled In the Great Escape
4. Stained Glass Ceilings (feat. Jason Aalon Butler)
5. Stray From The Path – Scissor Hands
6. The Ghost Inside – Wide Eyed
7. The King Blues – Can’t Bring Me Down
8. Alvin Risk – PUT EM UP
9. Alvin Risk – PRAY
10. Alvin Risk + Skrillex TRY IT OUT (PUT EM UP MIX)

letlive. – Renditions
1. 27 Club Feat. Keith Buckley
2. The Dope Beat Feat. Dan Campbell
3. Dreamer’s Disease feat. Chris Conley

letlive. – Live BBCs Maida Vale studios 2013
1. Banshee (Ghost Fame)
2. Dreamer’s Disease
3. Younger

letlive. Live BBCs at Maida Vale 2016
1. Good Mourning, America
2. White America’s Beautiful Black Market
3. The Dope Beat
4. Pheromone Cvlt

letlive.  – Acoustic
Muther (Acoustic) at 987FM Los Angeles
Homeless Jazz (Acoustic)

Foreign Cab Rides (Acoustic)

letlive. – Audiotree Live
1. Banshee (Ghost Fame)
2. Enemies (Enemigos) / Virgin Dirt
3. That Fear Fever
4. Fix Me (Black Flag Cover)
5. Dreamer’s Disease

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